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About Music Mountain Compost

About The Business

Music Mountain Compost was founded back in June 2020. The business was designed to be a useful alternative to recent Vermont laws requiring citizens to compost their food waste from their normal waste in the home/work. The combination of a simple concept of compost waste removal, and having our facility make sure the food waste is dealt with properly and turned into quality soil is the reason behind the success of Music Mountain Compost. 


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About Zach Cavacas

Zach Cavacas is the owner/operator of Music Mountain Compost. He is a Vermont native and a resident of Stockbridge, Vermont where he lives with his wife and son. Zach founded Music Mountain Compost as a way to provide a service that would make people's lives easier and also help the local community. We are proud to be a part of the small business economy that we have in Vermont. Zach has a background in homesteading which gives our business a great perspective on the compost laws and the best principles to use the materials to be an asset for our environment. Zach is also avidly involved in the local community as he is a Selectman, Firefighter, Tree Warden, and Free Mason.


Music Mountain Compost offers bi-weekly compost pickup for $22.00 a month. We come and empty your full bucket, sanitize your bucket, and then return to you. Do your part to keep food scraps out of the landfill. We serve Central and Southern Vermont. VT Permit #2325


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