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Our Services

We offer three types of service. Commercial, Residential, and Events. For residential service, we provide a five-gallon bucket and come every other week to empty it/clean it. We accept all food waste including meat, bones, as well as compostable products. The cost is $22 per month, and $27 per month for two buckets. Commercial, we provide 45-gallon bins, as well as wood shavings, and come every two weeks to swap it out. The cost starts at $25 per bin, per pickup. Lastly, for Events service, we provide discreet wooden bins to place at any event. Can adjust to any size event. We run routes in over 69 towns and growing. Click below to sign up, or contact us for any additional information. 


​​Houses, Condos, Personal Apartments, Duplex, Vacation Homes, etc.


​​Restaurants, Offices, Stores, Garden Centers, Factories, Bars, etc.


​​Town Offices, City Hall, Transfer Stations, Government Buildings, DOT, etc.


Weddings, Conferences, Parties, Festivals, Family Gatherings, etc. ​​

Music Mountain Compost Vermont Map
Music Mountain Compost Rutland, Vermont
Music Mountain Compost Fair Haven, Vermont
Music Mountain Compost Manchester, Vermont
Music Mountain Compost Randolph, Vermont
Music Mountain Compost Brandon, VT
Music Mountain Compost Montpelier, Vermont
Ludlow_VT_Downtown_VT103 (1).jpg
unnamed (1).jpg
Royalton Vt.jpg

The Communities We Cover!

We provide our compost services to communities in Central and Southern Vermont. We have multiple routes that cover many towns in Rutland County, Bennington County, Windsor County, Orange County, and Washington County. We are adding new towns by the week and I can get a route made to help serve you. Just let me know by messaging us. Here are the following towns we currently service:

- Baltimore

- Barre

- Braintree

- Bridgewater

- Castleton

- Chelsea

- Barnard

- Bethel

- Brandon

- Brookfield

- Cavendish

- Chester

- Clarendon

- Dorset

- Danby

- Duxbury

- East Montpelier

- East Randolph

- Fair Haven

- Granville

- Florence

- Graniteville

- Hancock

- Hartford

- Hartland

- Killington

- Hubbardton

- Landgrove

- Manchester

- Ludlow

- Marshfield

- Montpelier

- Mendon

- Moretown

- Moretown Village

- Mount Holly

- Northfield

- Pittsfield

- Pittsford

- Proctor

- Randolph

- Rochester

- Rutland City

- Sharon

- Stockbridge

- Waitsfield

- Warren

- Weathersfield

- West Windsor

- Wilder

- Pawlet

- Plainfield

- Poultney

- Plymouth

- Reading

- Royalton

- Rutland Town

- Springfield

- Stowe

- Wallingford

- Waterbury

- West Rutland

- Weston

- Windsor

- Woodstock

Don't See Your Town? Call Us To See If We Can Service Your Needs!

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